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Today, let's talk about the bus transfer from Warsaw, Poland to Krakow. (I don't know for sure which is correct Krakow, Cracow, or Crakow though.)

Krakow is famous as a base for getting to the "Auschwitz camps," right?

It is also quite a beautiful city with historic castles and churches still existing, unlike Warsaw, which collapsed after World War II.

To get to Krakow, "bus transportation" is cheap and convenient. I actually took a bus from Warsaw to Krakow, and let me share of my trip.

Leave this old bus terminal🚌

The bus stop is behind this building

This bus terminal is located a little far from the center of Warsaw.

It was a bit hard to move around due to the unfavorable weather that day.

You can buy tickets directly at the reception desk here, but depending on the time of year and time of day, the bus may be full, so it is recommended to make a reservation in advance.

I purchased my "FlixBus" tickets in advance from "omio".

All you have to do is show the QR code on the driver's smartphone, so it's easy. You can optionally select your seat, but in the case of "FlixBus", even if you do, the seats are often full, so I didn't.

This time, I boarded a bus "from Warsaw to Budapest" and got off at "Krakow" on the way.

You can buy drinks and some snacks in the terminal, but it was quite dark and bleak, and the place was quite crowded early in the morning.


Be careful not to mistake the bus stop⚠️

On the left is the "international" boarding area, and on the right is the "domestic" boarding area.

The left lane is the "international" zone. The right side is the "domestic" zone.

In my case, I boarded the bus from the left lane because my bus's destination was "Budapest, Hungary" and it means "international," although my destination was "domestic. (At first, I usually waited on the right side...)

(Note that the bus stop varies depending on the bus you booked, and sometimes the bus arrives earlier than usual.

By the way, "FlixBus" does not have a basic seat assignment (unless you have an option).

So, the earlier you get a seat, the better. If you wait near the center boarding gate from the driver's seat, you can sit down smoothly.

4 hours bus trip

There were two stops along the way to Krakow, but there was no time for a restroom break.

Be sure to prepare something to drink or fill your stomach and use the restroom beforehand.

Prices vary depending on the time of year and the timing of your reservation.

I paid a little more because it was the Christmas season. (I paid about 20€ for a ride)


”Flix Bus" includes charging and Free Wi-Fi

I basically use "Flix Bus" for bus transportation in Europe.

It is a major company, and I am quite grateful because it comes with "charging" and "free Wi-Fi". Well, sometimes the charging port is broken. And sometimes the Wi-Fi is too weak to do anything. Depends on our luck.

The earlier you book, the more you can tour around Europe at a pretty reasonable price.


In this article, I introduced how to get from "Warsaw" to "Krakow".

If you go all the way to Warsaw, you must visit Krakow and Auschwitz.

Krakow is the best place to enjoy the good old European cityscape.

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Japanese Language Teacher🇯🇵【日本語教師】(used to be a Junior high school Japanese teacher/元中学国語教師) World Trip🌎/Education✏️【旅行・教育について】


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