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"Krakow" is the second largest city in Poland.

Krakow is famous for the "Auschwitz" prison camp, but there are also spots in Krakow related to the movie "Schindler's List," which depicts the state of Nazi Germany at that time.

In this article, I introduce five spots related to the movie "Schindler's List" without information on Krakow's famous castle or Old Town.

Incidentally, "Schindler's List" is a film directed by Steven Spielberg.

"Schindler's List” Spots in Krakow

5 spot where you should go

  1. Schindler's Factory
  2. Schindler's House
  3. Ghetto's Wall
  4. Grey House and around that
  5. Old town

1  Schindler's Factory

Schindler's Factory. Now it is a museum.

First is the factory where Schindler hired hundreds of Jews in the film to make lunch boxes and other items to take to war.

Do you know the angle of view in this picture?

Yes, it is the place in the movie where a young Jewish woman pleaded with Schindler to hire her parents, and the woman watched as her parents entered the factory.

Now the building is a Nazi-related museum. (It is not a "Schindler's List" museum.)

Need booking online

Opening hour

As of December 2022, the museum is open on all days except Mondays, but it is always a good idea to check the website in advance.

Also, the faces and names of those who worked there at the time are posted on the walls of the factory.

Labor's name and photo on the wall

I did not go inside this time because there were a lot of tour groups there, but just looking at this picture, scenes from that movie suddenly came to mind.

The name that I remember hearing in the movie is engraved right here.


2  Schindler's House

Schindler's House

The "Schindler's House" is located a minute from "Schindler's factory".

In the movie, we saw how Schindler started to live in the house, which was originally occupied by Jewish after they were forcibly evicted from it.

However, it is now so-called "abandoned".

It is not cared for, and you can't even go inside.

It is fenced off so that I cannot see it up close, and it is not specifically presented as "Schindler's House".

It is honestly disappointing to feel that the building is not given much importance in spite of its historical value.

However, the distance from the factory, the location, and the atmosphere of the movie can be felt more vividly.

3  Ghetto's Wall

Ghetto's wall

A ten-odd minute walk from Schindler's House toward the main street leads to what is known as the "Ghetto's Wall."

Not only this, but the area around this house is forested with buildings from that era, with peeling walls and rusted doors that give you a sense of the era, so although you may not find it in tourist books, we recommend that you walk around the area.

4  Grey House and around that

Grey house

Next is the site of the "Krakow" camp. (Separate from the Auschwitz camp).

Unlike Auschwitz, there is almost nothing left here, but there are still signs saying "What used to be here and what kind of things were done here".

Among them, the "Gray House" is the most remaining one.

The house where the camp administrators lived and where military meetings were held is still there.

In the movie "Schindler's List," a character named "Armon" lived here and was depicted shooting and killing people recklessly from the balcony.

In the movie, the house was depicted as being on a hill, but in reality, it is at its lowest point.

It seems that the actual "Armon" was not shooting from the balcony, but was climbing to higher ground himself and firing from there.

Armon seems to shoot them from here.

Around the Grey House

Destroyed church

Tomb of a Jewish woman who survived and continued to share her misery.

Around the Grey House, the graves of those who were interned and the ruins of a destroyed church can still be seen.

The rest of the site is nothing but a vast grassy plain, but it is a spot where you can feel the scenery as it was in those days.

5  Old town

Buildings probably remain from that time.

Between the center of Krakow and the riverfront, there are still areas where the old buildings are still intact.

Jewish chapels, synagogues, Jewish museums, Jewish squares, etc., are just as they were in the movies.

There are no specific spots, but there are buildings that remind us of the atmosphere of those days, and antique-like items written about the history of those days hang on the wall. It is fun just to walk around.



Do not forget to go ”Auschwitz”

Speaking of Nazi Germany, the Auschwitz camp is by far the most famous name known, but it is only the facility where the most atrocities were committed, and there were camps like Auschwitz in various locations, and similar things were done in those locations as well.

Indeed, when you look at the scale of the Auschwitz site, it is quite vast and honestly overwhelming in itself.

But when you look more at the aftermath that still remains around the city center town, it reminds you even more of what it was like back then and you can feel the weight of history.

How to watch the "Schindler's list"

You can watch the "Schindler's List" on one of the above video sites.

You can watch it using the free period or rent it.

It is a Steven Spielberg masterpiece that you should watch 100% of the time.



In this issue, I have introduced places related to "Schindler's List" in Krakow, Poland.

In the center of the city, you can still see the castle and the square, which still have the atmosphere of medieval Europe, but if you go a little further, you can experience firsthand the scenery as it was during World War II.

Take your time and explore the city on foot.

Thank you for reading!

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