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"Are there any good, inexpensive restaurants in Tirana, Albania🇦🇱?"

When I search for "recommended places to eat in Tirana, Albania," I can't seem to find any, and when I do, they are all pretty expensive places that cater to tourists.

So, I'll introduce some local restaurants I visited during my sightseeing in Tirana, Albania🇦🇱.

”Definitely recommended!”

I'm not saying so, but please check the price range and reviews here and compare it with other restaurants.

I'm not a big fan of tourist restaurants. I enjoy pretending to be a local person by looking for local places as much as possible.

Tirana to Pristina by Bus

It is possible to travel by bus from Tirana, Albania🇦🇱 to Pristina, Kosovo🇽🇰. You can also make reservations in advance from this website. This is the information about the bus terminal, how to get there, and bus conditions. And enjoy your trip!🚌 About 4 hours from Tirana The bus terminal in Tirana. There are many buses and bus companies. The bus terminal in Tirana is not a particularly large building, but simply a place where buses and wagons are lined up in a slightly spacious parking lot. So there is no particular place to wait for buses or shelter from the ...


Local Restaurant「Tasty」

「Tasty」Located in the alley.

The first restaurant is「Tasty」

What a bold name.

I happened to find a slightly dark restaurant in a back alley, where there were really no tourists.

The customers and staff all seemed to be friends, and the atmosphere was friendly.

Affordable local menu





The menu looks like this. (100 lek = about 0.93 USD)

The prices are relatively reasonable and a lot of variety on the menu; you can get a full for about 500 or 600 lek, and if you share, you can enjoy more different meals at this restaurant.

The menu is in Albanian, but they also have a separate English menu, which is very convenient.

So, I ordered a main course of pasta, salad, and meat.


It was about 500 lek.

It's not exactly "super delicious!" but it was good meals and the atmosphere in the restaurant, which was a little bit dark, was great.

The restaurant also offers a breakfast menu, so I thought about going there the next day, but due to the time constraints of the bus to Kosovo the next day, I decided not to go this time.

Payment is by cash only.

Card payment is not yet mainstream throughout Albania, so you must exchange money at a currency exchange or withdraw from an ATM in advance.


Charcoal meat and beer「Qofte Zgare Zogu I Zi」

Grilled over charcoal

The second was a light lunch at a place that looks more like a street vendor than a restaurant.

This is located across the street from the "Tirana Ring Center".

60 lek for craft beer (100 lek = about 0.93USD)

You can enjoy local beer here, and it is a different taste but really good.


Meat Ball (It is not a ball though)



Even if you eat enough to fill you up, it's still only about 300 lek.

Moreover, the staff was grilling the meat over charcoal right next to me, and I was able to enjoy a very authentic meat dish, including the aroma and taste of the charcoal fire.

The touts are quite strong. But that does not mean that you will be ripped off or anything like that.

However, please note that payment is cash only.

Buffe style「Re BON」

I really wanted to go to this restaurant, but it was so crowded that I couldn't sit down, and I had to give up because my bus was about to leave. (I don't know about the taste, but I can assure you that the atmosphere is great.)

Here it is.

Located right next to the bus terminal, this restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat buffet of desserts, meals, and breads.

You can order and eat as much as you like!

This place is popular among locals and tourists alike, the contents are very stylish, and the place is so popular that people line up outside.

See, isn't it nice?

The atmosphere of the restaurant is modern, but the food is typical of the Balkan Peninsula.

It may not be a very relaxing place, but I introduced it as a place where you can enjoy Albanian food all at once, and I will go here next time I come back.


「Mosaic Home」with Breakfast

With breakfast Hostel「Mosaic Home」

「Mosaic Home」where I stayed at this time.

Breakfast was included, and the staff also made something of crepe dough on the spot and made the meal a little homier, so I'll introduce it to you as well.

It is about a 15-minute walk from the International Bus Center and a 10-minute walk from the center of the city.

The hot water in the bathroom, Wi-Fi, etc. were no problem at all, and the hostel was very cozy.

Breakfast and coffee...

This is what breakfast looks like there.

In the back left corner, the staff makes and brings you something wrapped in crepe dough on the spot. (I don't know what it is though.)

Something like scrambled eggs is also cooked.

Other than that, it is simple, but I recommend this hostel for enjoying Albanian food in a home-like atmosphere.

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Thank you for reading this far.

I just wanted to share with you some of the hotels and local restaurants I visited on my trip to Tirana, Albania!




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