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In this article, I would like to recommend one restaurant that you should definitely go to when you are in Naples.

I have found a great restaurant that is probably, or almost certainly, not in the tourist books, and I recommend it to you.

It may be a little far from the center of Naples, but why not try an authentic Italian meal at a local restaurant rather than a tourist restaurant for tourists?

「Brancaccio Ristorante e Pizzeria」It has seafood cuisine

"Brancaccio Ristorante e Pizzeria" is a restaurant I recommend in Naples🇮🇹.

It is a relatively small restaurant located away from the center of Naples, where you can enjoy authentic Italian pizzas and pasta.

Let me introduce what I had here.

Seafood Pizza and Pasta and Beer

Seafood Pizza

Seafood Pasta

When I came to Italy🇮🇹, I decided to eat a lot of seafood.

I finally did it here.

Normally, I live in Hungary, a landlocked country, so my life is far from seafood.

This was, well...

"It's to die for!!!!"

The smell of the sea made me like, relax.

It's reasonable.

I have the impression that the sense of price is not so expensive. (The menu was written in Italian, so it was hard to know which was which.)

Here, let me summarize why I recommend this restaurant again.

Good point

  • An overwhelmingly local Neapolitan restaurant with few tourists
  • Relaxed dining in a quiet town close to the sea
  • The food is excellent!

Of course, "restaurants for tourists" are also good.

However, if you are going to go abroad, would like to familiarize yourself with the lifestyle of the locals a little more than just "the sightseeing".

This restaurant is especially recommended for such people.

It must be an area where really no tourists or Asians come. I got so many stares. Especially from children.

It is not a good location because it is about 40 minutes by train from "Naples Central Station" in the center of downtown Naples, but I think it is still worth going there. And you can relax on the beach while you are there.

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With Sunset

Nice ocean view

Amazing place near the Restaurant.

This area, halfway between the center of Naples and Pompeii, is very quiet and has a feeling of a fusion of ruins, sea, and houses.

You can spend a relaxing time while watching the sunset.

After enjoying Italian cuisine, buy a cup of coffee or something and spend your time relaxing by the sea.

【Eco Hostel】Overflowing with fashionable goods

Eco Hostel

There is a hostel in this area called 「Eco Hostel」where we stayed for this trip.

It is a very stylish building overflowing with miscellaneous goods, and dogs and cats live there comfortably.

Rooftop. You can see the ocean view.


Good stuffs



Thank you for reading this far.

I hope you enjoy your Mediterranean meal at a restaurant that only the locals go to!

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Japanese Language Teacher🇯🇵【日本語教師】(used to be a Junior high school Japanese teacher/元中学国語教師) World Trip🌎/Education✏️【旅行・教育について】


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