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"Is it true that there are ruins of a city that was obliterated by a volcanic eruption?"

"Where is it? How much does it cost? What's it like inside?"

This article is a summary for those who want to visit "Pompeii", a city buried by a volcanic eruption, located in Naples, Italy🇮🇹.

Not only is Naples famous for its food, castles, and Old Town, but "Pompeii," just a short train ride away, is also a must-see!

It is also registered as a UNESCO World Heritage.

I've compiled a list of how you got there, recommendations, and points to note, so you can use it as a reference for your Naples sightseeing!

In conclusion, you should go there 100%.

Start  "Pompeii" which would take half a day to see all

World Heritage Pompeii

  • Travel time: 40 minutes one way (train from Naples Central Station)
  • Entrance fee: 18 euros
  • Eating and drinking places in Pompeii: Yes (like a small convenience store)

It takes about 40 minutes by train from Naples Central Station to Pompeii.

As mentioned below, Pompeii is quite large, so if you want to see and walk from corner to corner, you will need a lot of time.

Plan well in advance.


Unmissable spots throughout "Pompeii"

There are many places of interest scattered throughout Pompeii, which is quite large.

If you have gone all this way, here are some spots you should not miss.

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The presence of the "amphitheater" right after entering the entrance is overwhelming


This arena is located right after the entrance.

Although you are suddenly surprised to see the main ⁉︎, when you enter the arena, you are immediately drawn into this world with its bleak landscape.

Feel the history in the "colored wall paintings" remaining from B.C

Color walls still there

Pompeii is known for its "colored wall paintings."

I was surprised that such a culture existed such a long time ago and that it still remains today.

It is said that the long period of burial in volcanic ash and pyroclastic flow has allowed the materials contained in the ash and pyroclastic flow to remain in their original state without much deterioration.

These colored walls can be seen in various places in Pompeii.

Creeped out by "moldings of people and horses" buried by the eruption

Exhibition of people who were buried

You can see in the Museum

The figures of parents, children, and animals that were buried by the eruption of Vesuvius can be seen in Pompeii and in the museum (admission free).

I was horrified to see the elaborate workmanship that even shows the position of the child's eyes and mouth.

The "square" in the political center where elections used to be held

The square was probably the political center of the city.

I was surprised by the view that suddenly opened up from the narrow corridor leading from the entrance.

You can experience firsthand the history of the town, where election posters were displayed and the chief was chosen by election from the time when the town was still standing in BC.

"Waterways" and stone bridges throughout Pompeii


All roads in Pompeii are concave.

This concave area is a "waterway".

The sidewalk is right in front of the house, and the waterway is right in front of the sidewalk, so the way people lived in Pompeii remains intact.

Stone bridges like those crossing the canal are also found here and there, allowing visitors to imagine what life was like in those days.

Hydrate at the "water supply" in each location

Bring your Water bottle

"Water taps" are located in several places in Pompeii.

The stones surrounding the taps often have dents where the water hits them.

Of course, you can use the water for drinking, so if you bring a plastic bottle or water bottle, you do not have to worry about drinks.

The volcano that annihilated Pompeii, "Vesuvius," as seen from Pompeii

From various locations, Pompeii can be seen together with the "Vesuvius" in the background.

When I think of that mountain suddenly erupting and destroying the city in an instant, with no time to flee, I have a feeling that is indescribable.

Before I came to Pompeii, I had climbed Vesuvius and looked down on the city from the opposite side of the volcano, so I felt the fear of nature and the greatness of Pompeii remaining as it is today.

If you have one day, you can visit both "Vesuvius" and "Pompeii. (Although it is quite physically demanding)

Currently still under excavation

under excavation

Pompeii is still under excavation.

Some archaeologists are still excavating the site by hand.

Come back in a few years and you may find another great discovery!

I heard that an exploration robot has also been introduced, so please look for that too.


40 minutes by train from Naples to Pompeii

Buy the ticket

Pompeii is accessible by one train from "Naples Central Station".

There are several train lines and stations around "Pompeii" and several different ways to get to Pompeii by train alone, so the quickest way is to search for a route using "Google Maps".

If you take the fastest train, you can arrive at the nearest station to Pompeii in about 30 minutes (see the photo above), and even if you take a train that looks like a slow train, it only takes about an hour, so travel is quite convenient.

It would take a full day to visit Pompeii and the surrounding sights

There is only one place to eat in Pompeii.

It is like a small convenience store and was quite crowded.

Personally, I recommend that you take your meals around Pompeii.

Actually, the area around Pompeii is where there are lots of tourists and you can see the beautiful city.

Santuario della Beata Vergine Maria del Santo Rosario di Pompei

Santuario della Beata Vergine Maria del Santo Rosario di Pompei

beautiful & gorgeous

If you've been to Pompeii, you absolutely must visit this "Santuario della Beata Vergine Maria del Santo Rosario di Pompeii."

The decorations inside the church are so beautiful & gorgeous.

I was absolutely speechless. 

It takes only 5 minutes from the nearest station and the distance from Pompeii is only 10 minutes.

Please enjoy the otherworldly atmosphere.

Souvenir shops and cafes line "Street

Souvenir shops and cafes

The street leading from the church above to Pompeii is also quite charming for dining and souvenirs.

The street is quite clean & fashionable, unlike the center of Naples. (Naples city center is super smelly & dirty & dangerous in some places)

Pompeii sightseeing takes a long time, so you may want to have a meal here.

Visit "Vesuvius", that responsible for the disappearance of Pompeii.

you can see all

Vesuvius, the cause of the disappearance of the city of Pompeii in BC.

If you get off the train on the way to Pompeii ("Ercolano Scavi" station), there is a shuttle bus service to Vesuvius.

Vesuvius opens at 9:00 a.m. I climbed Vesuvius first thing in the morning, descended in the afternoon, and went sightseeing in Pompeii.

It is possible to visit both Vesuvius and Pompeii in one day. 

(Your legs will die).

You can see the crater of Vesuvius, and of course, you can look down at Pompeii from the top of the volcano.

It was a strange feeling to see both those responsible for the disappearance of one city and the city that disappeared.


History of Pomoeii

Election Poster Traces

It began around the 7th century BC.

Starting with the formation of a small settlement, Pompeii was repeatedly invaded over time, and by the time it became a Roman colony in 89 B.C., it had expanded to its current size.

Today, due to tectonic movements, the city is a little further from the coast, but at that time it was a maritime city and commerce was very prosperous.

The production of wine was also prosperous, and the city was equipped with a brothel, which many travelers used.

Pompeii changed drastically in 79 A.D. when the Vesuvius volcano hit the city.

The volcano Vesuvius erupted and ash poured down all night.

The next day, a pyroclastic flow occurred, instantly burying it underground.

Excavations began intermittently around 1700, and the site began to represent its present form.

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Watch "Pompeii" before you go to Pompeii

The movie "Pompeii" was released on June 7, 2014.

Milo, a gladiator, and Cassia, the daughter of an influential man, fall in love beyond their status differences. Corvus, a senator who tries to tear them apart, and Vesuvius, a volcano that rises behind them, is about to erupt, you can enjoy a movie that recreates the scene as it was then.


This article is about "Pompeii".

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