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The ”King's Speech” of England, is based on the true story of King Georgia VI and Queen Elizabeth I.

The movie is faithful to the historical facts about the struggles of King George VI who suffered from a stutter and how he overcame the problem.

When I visited the UK this time, I went around the spots in the UK (in and around London) that appeared in that movie.

I saw "The King's Speech" while I was staying at the hotel and thought, "I must visit as many related places as I can."

I was so inspired by the movie that I hurriedly researched and visited any places related to the movie (although I couldn't visit all of them).

I hope you will include it in your travel plans to the United Kingdom.

7 "King's Speech" related spots

So, here are 7 spots related to "The King's Speech" with photos.

By the way, King George VI's real name is Albert Frederick Arthur George Windsor, also known as Bertie.

1  Buckingham Palace: Home of the British Royal Family

Buckingham Palace

When it comes to the story of the British royal family, "Buckingham Palace" cannot be missed.

However, since permission to film inside the palace was not granted, "Lancaster House," which is introduced below, was used instead for the actual filming.

But there is only one scene that we can recognize as "Buckingham Palace!

Scene of the square as seen from inside Buckingham Palace   "King's Speech"

This is the end of the story.

There is a scene in which King George VI steps out onto the balcony from inside the palace.

I thought "That's where I was standing just now!" when I saw this scene.

It's a moment when you suddenly realize the connection to history. Don't miss it.

2   Windsor Castle: George VI's refuge during World War II

About 2 hours from London, Windsor Castle

This castle itself does not appear in "King's Speech".

However, it is known as the place where King George VI and Queen Elizabeth I took refuge after the outbreak of World War II.

The castle is located on a hill in a quiet town in the suburbs, less than two hours by train or bus from the center of London, but it has an outstanding presence.

You need an admission fee when you enter.

This straight line leading from the castle is also impressive

Even if you don't go inside, just looking at the single straight road stretching from this "Windsor Castle" is quite impressive, and it is a place where you can feel the history of his seeing the same view.

The surrounding quiet streets are also beautiful, so walking around town is also great.

3  Westminster Abbey: Stunning decorations. The coronation ceremony took place.

Westminster Abbey, too beautifully decorated

The coronation of King George VI was actually held at Westminster Abbey.

However, as with "Buckingham Palace", permission for filming was not granted, so the "Ely Cathedral", which is introduced below, was used instead.

Although it does not actually appear in the film, you can actually enter "Westminster Abbey" (need a fee), and it is even more magical to imagine the atmosphere when you go inside.

4  Statues of George VI and Elizabeth I : Feel the proof of their existence

Statues of George VI and Elizabeth I

On the path leading to "Buckingham Palace," there are statues of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth I.

I had a strange feeling as I looked at their faces and heights that they really were real people.

I was deeply moved by the statues because I had just seen the movie.

Churchill statue (square in front of Big Ben)

Incidentally, the statue of Churchill, who appears several times in the movie, is placed in the square in front of Big Ben and Westminster Church.

5 Ely Cathedral: too beautiful a spot to photograph the coronation scene

The Ely Cathedral appeared in the scene where Rogue, who was treating King George VI as a speech therapist, and George VI practiced their coronation speeches.

As you can see in the movie, the cathedral is quite spacious and has a solemn and solemn atmosphere.

Coronation rehearsal scene ”The King's Speech”

The frustration of George VI, whose speech did not go well even in the last-minute rehearsal, and the tense exchange between Rogue, who tries to support him by somehow giving him confidence, become one of the captivating scenes as their voices echo through the vast space of the cathedral.

6  WEMBLEY PARK: An enthralling scene from the beginning

This is where the closing speech of the Great Film Exposition took place in 1924.

Although the city has now changed from what it was then, it is also the place where King George VI was so-called "humiliated" and "lost his confidence" in front of the public.

" King's Speech," a scene from a speech at the British Exposition

The scene is depicted in the movie, and the sounds of King George VI's spitting, choking, and breathing, which make him unable to speak, come at you with a considerable sense of tension.

Although it is a little far from London, it is one of the places you should visit when you come here.

Square at the time of the British Exposition (from Wikipedia)

7  Lancaster House: missed going.

One of the locations used as an alternative filming location for "Buckingham Palace."

The outside of the building is a very simple box building, but the inside is still open to the public as a gallery today, with a glittering interior scattered with the luxurious decorations of "The United Kingdom".

Scene from "The King's Speech" inside the Royal Family

Scene from "The King's Speech" inside the Royal Family

Located not far from ”Buckingham Palace” and the ”statue of King George VI”, it is a good place to visit in combination with these.

Around" Lancaster House", there are "Spencer House", built by Princess Diana's ancestors, and "St. James's Palace", built in the 16th century, where you can feel the history of the royal family.

There are also a few high-class "wine stores" and "English restaurants" here and there, so take your time and enjoy a leisurely tour.

The cheapest way to get from Stansted Airport to London (Oyster Card)

First time in London, England!🇬🇧 "It's expensive..." OK. Let's start by solving the problem of getting to and from the airport. The airport I used this time was "London Stansted Airport". This is the airport we use when flying LCCs (Ryanair mostly) from within Europe. It is a "not good" airport among the several airports in London (in terms of accessibility), but you can get around cheaply and easily depending on how you go about it. The key is "First come, first served". ”Train" or "bus"?  +  how often you use public transportation Choose train or bus From the airport, ...



Other films and dramas about Great Britain

Oh, there it is!

I will introduce other movies set in England that I recommend to you to get the impression of "This is the place!

1 Paddington (movie)


A polite bear in a bright red hat arrives in London from Peru. Named "Paddington," he begins staying at the Browns' house and soon becomes a popular character in town, even though his wild nature gets in the way and he gets into some messes. He eventually begins to search for a home on his own, only to be kidnapped by a mysterious beauty... (from U-NEXT).

Paddington" in the title of the movie is "Paddington Station" itself, which is located in the center of London.

The London Natural History Museum, one of the other famous sightseeing spots, is also in the movie, and Paddington's house is located on Primrose Hill, a small hill from which you can see all of London, so even if you just take a walk around London, you may think, "Oh! I've seen it!" I'm sure you'll find a few places you've seen before.

2 Skyfall 007

Skyfall 007

Bond is advised to retire from intelligence work because of his mission in Turkey. Meanwhile, someone blows up the headquarters of MI6. Bond is allowed by his superior M to return to the field and investigate the situation. He approaches Silva, a man involved in the incident, and discovers a surprising connection between Silva and M. (From U-NEXT)

This is the 23rd installment of the series.

This is one of a series of films using various parts of England, including the action on the abandoned railway line at "Charing Cross Station," the "Old Royal Naval College," and "Glencoe (a spectacular viewpoint with a spectacular view of the cliffs in northern England)."

3 Notting Hill Lover

Notting Hill Lover

Anna, a Hollywood actress, and William, a dull bookseller, meet in Notting Hill, London. However, William discovers that Anna has a boyfriend and that there is a world of difference between them... (From U-NEXT)

This romantic drama is set in "Notting Hill," an upscale residential area in western London.

It is interesting to visit the filming locations, such as the "Travel Bookshop," which was the model for William's bookstore, and the "Colony Theater," a movie theater that Anna and William visited on their date.

  • Harry Potter Series
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Kingsman
  • Sherlock
  • Bridget Jones's Diary
  • Love Actually
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • The Doctor and Her Theory
  • The Imitation Game
  • Downton Abbey

There are many movies like this that are set in the UK and you could tour the locations where they were filmed.

If you watch a few of them before you visit London, your visit to London will be even more exciting and enjoyable.


Thank you for reading this far.

In this issue, we have compiled a list of spots in England related to "The King's Speech.

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