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"Finally, I could come to Prague, but I've got an extra day.

"I wonder if there are any interesting places to go?"

In this article, I would like to introduce you to four of the most interesting and slightly off-the-beaten-path places, restaurants, and cafes in Prague, Czech Republic.🇨🇿

Is this really Prague?

I know it sounds like it, but I've seen Prague's beautiful castle, Old Town, and beautiful clocks! And I drank Czech beer! If you want to enjoy Prague in a more maniacal way, please refer to this page.

I also introduce "A&O Hostel" which I used during my trip to Prague.

1 "Rozhledna"  a wooden observatory 1.5 hours from the center of the Prague

a wooden observatory

The first is this "wooden observatory."

It is made up of three trees built on top of each other in the shape of a rugby ball.

Climbing the spiral staircase in the middle, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding nature.

Beautiful view

It is located in the middle of nature, so the air is heartily clean.

Although it is located a little far from Prague, about an hour and a half by train, it is a quiet and comfortable place.

Furthermore, the area around the observatory seems to be used as a walking and cycling road for local people, and there is a very pleasant hiking road.

You should walk around this tree observatory

Quiet area

Old Town in the center of Prague is also very beautiful, but if you are tired of the crowds, you might recover by visiting this area for a while.

I tend to get choked up when I am in crowded places, so I try to visit park-like places like this at every trip destination.


2 Stylish art cafe in an abandoned building "Vnitro Block"

Artistic cafe

Second, I would like to introduce a café.

Here, too, you have to travel about 30 minutes from the center of Prague, but you found a place where you can enjoy a café full of antique atmosphere, which looks like it was renovated in an abandoned house or warehouse.

so cool inside

After ordering from the cafe, you can spend some time relaxing on the vintage-looking couches.

There were quite a few people working on their computers in the place.

It is a fairly large and spacious space, so you can definitely relax.

In addition to the café, there are also sundries for sale and wall art, so the space is not boring at all.

Art made us happy

looks like my dog

cloth shop

This is also a luxurious place to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of the center of Prague.

There is also a quiet outlet mall in the vicinity, which I will introduce in the next third section, so please spend some time there as well.

3 "Outlet Mall" Quiet and Beautiful street


The third is a quiet outlet.

This is not a "tourist spot" at all, but I introduced it as a place where you can feel the history and spend time with local people at the same time, with restaurants, supermarkets, souvenirs, etc. in the wide street.

Various stores lined both sides of the wide cobblestone street.

It is a really quiet place with very few tourists.

But as you can see from the pictures, it was a very pleasant place to walk around, with stylish buildings with a sense of history.

It might be a good place to have a relaxing meal.


4 Authentic seafood dishes & hamburgers「Food Republic Bistro」

Small Authentic Restaurant

The last one I would like to introduce is "Seafood Restaurant".

"Seafood in the Czechia Republic ⁉︎"

But you can enjoy authentic seafood dishes here as well.

It is a small restaurant with space for only about fifteen people at most.

You can taste the food, and you can also buy seafood to take home as is.


They seem to be particular about freshness, with live lobsters in the tank.

The best recommendation is this.

Tasty burger

This hamburger has a great impact from the outside.

Just looking at it makes you drool.

You there, who have also enjoyed Czech cuisine to the fullest, should give it a try.

"A&O Hostel" is Safety & Cheap. Highly Recommended.

A&O hostel

Hotels in the Czech Republic are not as cheap as in nearby Hungary and Poland.

In addition, I often hear that thefts have occurred in hostels that are too inexpensive.

For those who want to stay in a "safe" and "inexpensive" hotel, I recommend the A&O Hostel. I also stayed at the A&O Hostel during my stay in Prague.

A&O Hostel is a European hotel with private rooms and even dormitories in a large building.

There is a check-in counter, vending machines, Wi-Fi, and clean rooms.

View from the room. Dormitory

The view from our room in Prague was fantastic. I was like, "Is it really okay to have a dormitory like this?"

It is located about 30 minutes by train from the center of Prague, which is a bit inconvenient, but that does not cause any anxiety or stress during your stay.

There are no communal kitchens, refrigerators, microwaves, coffee, etc., as is usually the case in hostels.

Breakfast can be optional with a buffet.

A&O Hostel



Thank you for reading this far.

In this issue, I have introduced four of Prague's best places to see the sights.

I hope you will visit them after you have exhausted the tourist attractions in the center of the city.

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Japanese Language Teacher🇯🇵【日本語教師】(used to be a Junior high school Japanese teacher/元中学国語教師) World Trip🌎/Education✏️【旅行・教育について】


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