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When you think of England, you can't miss "fish and chips," right?

So, if you are going to England, why not try some delicious fish and chips?

"I want to eat delicious fish and chips!"

"But the prices are so high that I want to go somewhere as inexpensive as possible..."

I'm sure you'll agree.

So this time, I'd like to introduce some highly recommended fish and chips restaurants that I discovered during my trip to London.

Fish and chips that I found are cheap, tasty, and visually impressive.

(It is a little far from the center of London though.)

It is located between Windsor Castle and the city of London, so please stop by on your way to Windsor Castle.

「The Golden Chip Of Hanwell」:Very Big fish & chips

The Golden Chips of Hanwell

This small store, The Golden Chip Of Hanwell, is located less than an hour from the city of London by train or about an hour and a half by bus.

This local store serves not only fish and chips, but also hamburgers and sausages.

As you can see in the picture, it is a very small restaurant, but it is so popular in the area that around 1:00 p.m. or 7:00 p.m., there is a line of locals waiting outside.

I had dinner there for two of the four days(Too much).

That's how much I liked it.

However, this restaurant is "take away" only.

There are no tables inside the restaurant, so you have to find a park or bench somewhere nearby or walk around to eat.

Since I stayed at a hotel within walking distance, I ate in my room.

Lunchtime is more reasonable!


Fish and chips are 7£, sausage and chips are 5.5£, and so on.

If you want to buy the same thing at night, it will cost more than 10£, so I recommend you buy it in the daytime.

The price is lower than any other fish and chips in London, and you can taste the freshly made giant fish, which is completely different from the quality of other chain restaurants.

Google Map

Big chips

It's a little hard to tell from the picture, but...

Even if you order a "small" portion of fries, it is too much for one person.

Now, the question arises as to where to eat after take away.

There is a big park near the Restaurant

Big Green Park

There is a large park called "Elzone Park" within walking distance of this fish and chip shop, which is the best place to go and eat.

The fries are just wrapped in newspaper-like paper, so if too much time has passed since you bought them, they will be soggy.

Hurry up and head to the park.

Prepare your beer or something in Lidl or small shop near the Restaurant

I bought UK beer

Also within walking distance of this fish and chip shop are a large Lidl supermarket and a small store.

Stock up on beer there and you are ready to go!

Prepare drinks, etc. first, and then go to the fish and chips shop.

Cold beer is only available at the small Shop. Lidl is cheaper, but they only have a room-temperature beer.


About 1 hour to "Windsor Castle"

"Windsor Castle"

It is located exactly halfway between central London and "Windsor Castle".

Windsor Castle is like a royal villa and is known as the place where King George VI and Queen Elizabeth I used to take refuge during World War II.

long load

You need to pay an admission fee to enter Windsor Castle, but you can walk along the straight path for free.

I lost interest in walking the moment I saw it. Still, it is a sight to behold.

Please use it as a stopover point to visit Windsor Castle, or as a lunch stop!

「Boston Manor」:break fast includes a reasonable hotel near the restaurant

simple breakfast

I would like to recommend the "Boston Manor", a hotel near this fish and chip store that includes breakfast.

Corn flakes, bread, sausage, eggs, tomatoes, bacon, beans, coffee, orange juice, etc.

It is not a buffet, but you will get enough to fill you up.

It is a simple hotel that looks like a business hotel, but it also includes breakfast in a fairly filling quantity as shown in the photo, so you can float the cost of food.

It is a bit far from the center of London, but with an Oyster card or a card that allows IC payments, you can ride as much as you want with a fixed daily limit, so it is surprisingly not that difficult.

Booking here



Thank you for reading this far.

This time, I would like to introduce you to a highly recommended fish and chips restaurant in London.

If I go here again next time, I will definitely go here.

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Japanese Language Teacher🇯🇵【日本語教師】(used to be a Junior high school Japanese teacher/元中学国語教師) World Trip🌎/Education✏️【旅行・教育について】


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