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"Can I travel from Poland🇵🇱 to the Czech Republic🇨🇿 by bus?"

Yes, you can easily change borders and travel by bus.

Both are Schengen countries, so there are no passport checks when moving from one to the other.

In this article, I have compiled information on how to travel by night bus to Prague in the Czech Republic after enjoying the history of the Auschwitz and castle in Krakow, Poland, as well as the prices and times.

If you are going to Europe, it is definitely worth it to go around several countries.

Depart from the Krakow bus terminal

The Krakow bus terminal

I took a bus departing from the bus terminal in Krakow.

The terminal is attached to the train station, so the location is easy to find.

There will be a charge for toilets (both cash and card payments are accepted).

There is no guarantee that there will be restrooms on the bus to Prague, so it is best to prepare for this in advance.

Kill your time at the cafe at the station

Since my bus departed at 10:00 p.m., it was difficult to find a place to kill time, so I relaxed at a cafe at the station.

There are quite a few places, such as McDonald's, that are open late at night, so if you take a train or bus that departs at night as well, you can kill some time at the station as well.


”20€” & 8 hours by BUS

「FlixBus」is cheap and convinient

This time, I made reservations in advance for the "FlixBus," a bus that features a green color that travels around the whole of Europe.

The fare seemed to be a little higher than normal because it was the Christmas season.

This time, I took a bus that departed from Krakow, Poland, after 10 p.m. and arrived in Prague around 6 a.m.

It seems that it is possible to go to Prague by train from Krakow in addition to the bus.

But probably depends on the time of the year or the time before departure, which one is cheaper, so I recommend that you check both before making a reservation.

When I travel within Europe, I use a website called "Omio" to search for routes.

It is quite convenient because it shows the route, time, and price of each train, bus, and plane at the same time. Please try using it.

Seats are full: this is a tough 8 hours

”FlixBus" also allows you to select your seat in advance when you make a reservation. (Paid option).

If you do not have a seat reserved, you can board the bus on the day of the tour and sit freely in any place that does not have green tape attached to the luggage storage area above.

In other words, if you have reserved "an unreserved seat", the earlier you get on the bus, the better.

Therefore, it is better to go to the bus terminal a little early and board the bus as soon as it arrives so that you can sit in the seat you want.

If the bus is full, like the one I took this time, you don't have to go early to get a seat, but it depends on your luck whether there are any seats available or not.

I thought, "I can just sleep on the overnight bus. But to be honest, 8 hours in an enclosed space with full seats are quite painful.

To make your stay as comfortable as possible, it is best to make preparations in advance, such as preparing a movie or a substitute for a pillow.

With charger and WI-FI in the BUS

The only thing that helped was the availability of a charging port and free Wi-Fi.

Even though you were cramped and couldn't sleep, you managed to get through the night by watching YouTube and movies. (Wi-Fi is not strong though)

I have ridden the "FlixBus" on various routes, but the performance varies from bus to bus and seat to seat, I mean the Wi-Fi is very weak, there are no charging ports, and even if there are ports, they do not charge.

This is all "luck".


Arrival in Prague, Czech Republic

6:00a.m on time

After 8 hours on the bus, I finally arrived in Prague, Czech Republic.

I had nothing to do at 6:00 a.m., so my wish for a delay did not come true, and I arrived in Prague on time.



Thank you for reading this far.

In this issue, I summarize the bus transfer from Krakow, Poland to Prague, Czech Republic.

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Japanese Language Teacher🇯🇵【日本語教師】(used to be a Junior high school Japanese teacher/元中学国語教師) World Trip🌎/Education✏️【旅行・教育について】

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